Power of blogging

A recent Twitter contest between CNN’s Larry King and Ashton Kuchner chalked up over a million followers within a week. A contestant on Britain’s Talent show reached over 30 million followers after her performance was posted on Utube. The power of the tweet, the digital two bits worth, (up to 140K) is that propelled by the reader/viewer it can become an ocean in an instant. It can propagate virally. The web posting spills over and affects TV, radio and print. High numbers immediately create a forum for other messages, blogs, links and advertisements. There is a cascading effect. This is what is behind the power of the Google model. The monetizing of this activity. Even now, writing on my Google Blog, I have a tab on the top right called “Monetize” which points me to Googles Adsense and explains how I too, can get revenues by placing ads on my website or blog. How does this model compare to a the traditional media model, broadcast and print?