“The Donald”. Phenomenology of Trumpism

Great article on Trumpism.


You’re Fired!” Why is anyone surprised that the golden-haired reality tv show host, aka business mogul named Donald Trump, is leading the pack in the Republican Party? American culture spawned him. Hey, he even has his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Let’s face it, when Ronald Reagan lost in the Iowa caucus years ago, most Americans were watching more mind-numbing tv than paying attention to news that covered the primaries. (Italian Version)


Today the chatter of political discourse has gotten shorter and less substantive – purveyed on our little smart phones in sound bites, and it seems most Americans like it that way. Short and sweet. Most “folks” do not read the NY Times and attention spans are super short these days. “Make America Great Again”. Forget nuance and details. Even in Canada, the Shark Tank reality tv…

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